February 1, 2010

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How To Set Up Blackberry Bluetooth/USB Tethering On A Macbook With Snow Leopard

July 8, 2010

I had always dreamed of having internet access on-the-go from the very first moment I got my Macbook Pro. There’s nothing cooler than browsing the web whenever and wherever you please. Even though most smartphones come equipped with a browser, the internet experience they provide can’t even compare to the experience you get when using a laptop. (screen size is impractical for satisfying internet browsing and flash and java support are still pretty lame).

Naturally, I looked into tethering support for my macbook. After doing a little research, I discovered that some carriers actually charge you to tether. (Like Verizon). Hypothetically speaking, tethering sounds great. So why do carriers need to charge you extra fees just for you to use your data package, (which you are already paying quite generously for), on another one of your devices?

Well, after doing a little more research, I found out that some applications, (Like Tether), can bypass the tethering gateway provided to devices other than your blackberry and redirect the tethering gateway to the default one you use on your Blackberry to browse the web, check Facebook stats, ect.

Simply put, no tethering fees.

However, the application Tether is not necessarily free in and of itself. When it is released from Beta, it will supposedly require a one time payment of $49.99 to use the software. I don’t know when their beta is going to expire, but I would check it out while I can if I were you!


So, onto the installation.

In order for Tether to work, it must be installed on both your Blackberry and the computer you are planning to tether with. Lets start with setting up tether for the Mac.

Download Tether for OSX Snow Leopard- www.tetherberry.com/d/TetherBerry.dmg

After the download finishes, open up the .dmg file and launch the installation file inside.

You will be prompted to install Tether.

It will then need to install some network interfaces so it can interact with your blackberry to get internet. After this and that, it will place the Tether application in your Applications folder on your mac.

Now onto installing Tether on the Blackberry!

Download Tether for Blackberry OTA- http://tetherberry.com/d/tetherberry.jad

Im pretty sure that this is a universal download, so it doesn’t matter what blackberry you have. It should recognize your device and give you the correct .jad file. (But just for reference, I used a Blackberry Storm 9530)

Just in case you don’t know what OTA stands for, It’s Over-The-Air, and it means you can install it directly from the Blackberry browser without needing to use the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Anyway, after it installs, you should be able to find it in your default download location.

Follow these next steps to get Tether working-

1. Open Tether on your Blackberry

2. Select your preferred connection type. (Either Bluetooth or USB) *see notes below if you selected USB*

3. Launch Tether on your Macbook.

4. Select the same preferred connection type you selected earlier. (obviously)

5. If you selected Bluetooth, you will need to find your device on the list of Bluetooth devices in the area.

5. Enjoy your internet freedom!!


If you selected USB, know that Tether does not and cannot work alongside the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Meaning that you will have to uninstall the Blackberry Desktop Manager if you want to use Tether through USB. Tether is currently working with RIM to try and resolve the issue, although no solution to the problem is expected soon.

If you selected Bluetooth, make sure to have bluetooth turned on for both the computer and the Blackberry.

Finally, Tether has to be running on both your Blackberry and your computer for the tethering to work.

Overall, Tether is an amazing application and was able to easily accomplish what I could not do even after reading thousands of tutorials on how to redirect the Blackberry tethering IP Gateway.

Definitely give this application a try.

Blog Stats: Over 25,000 Views!!!

July 7, 2010

Get ready for another BerryStorm Milestone! (this one’s  a big one)

Berry Storm has reached over 25,000 views!

We are well on our way towards hitting our 50,000 views goal!

Thanks to all of my readers who have made this accomplishment possible.. I hope you will continue to visit us on a regular basis as we strive to deliver to you only the best articles and posts on all of the latest news concerning the Blackberry Storm.

If the iPhone 4G comes to Verizon on June 7th, Will RIM lose their faithful customers?

June 1, 2010

As should be known by now, Blackberry phones are produced by Research In Motion, (RIM). Right now, the vast majority of RIM smartphone users have Verizon as their carrier. However, with Apple expected to reveal it’s 4G iPhone on June 7th, could a Verizon iPhone carrier option be the death of RIM?

Recent studies into smartphone brand loyalty by Crowd Science have revealed some intriguing statistics.  40% of Blackberry users would prefer the iPhone to the Blackberry for their next smartphone choice! 32% of them also said that they would swap out their phones for Google’s Nexus One, even if it meant changing their carrier to T-Mobile. Interestingly enough, 90% of iPhone users are unwilling to change their smartphone brand…

What does this tell us? I believe that it means RIM would lose an alarming amount of their customers if we were ever to see a Verizon iPhone.

Many people, (myself included), will be very tempted by the idea of owning an iPhone on Verizon.

What about you guys?

Would you trade your blackberry for a Verizon iPhone? Are you planning on changing smartphone brands soon anyway?

If so, leave a comment telling us which smartphone you plan on getting, the carrier, and why you are swapping.

BerryStorm Forums Now Open!

February 25, 2010

You can now test out the BerryStorm Forums by visiting-


There are still some issues with the site, as to the header not displaying correctly on some computers, but most of the work is done now.

Hopefully, having a forum website for BerryStorm will make it easier for our readers to get help on specific problems they are having.

Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for the Forums!

*Note* – The contents of our “help” tab on the main page will soon be moved to the forum site.

BerryStorm Forums Coming Soon!

February 19, 2010

Because of the mass number of comments and questions that I have been receiving over OS Versions, Applications and General Help, I’ve decided to start a forum site named, (for obvious reasons), BerryStorm Forums!

This forum website will serve as your headquarters for Blackberry Storm help and should become the preferred alternative to making comments on posts you see here on BerryStorm.

In other words, if you need help or have a question/comment, don’t wander aimlessly around BerryStorm trying to find a post we made that might be a suitable place to write your question for everyone to see. Now, you can easily create a new thread containing your questions and comments.

Im still sorting out some forum settings but it wont be long now before the BerryStorm forums will be up and running!

Poll- Zelda Minish Cap Beta

February 6, 2010

Even after using programs such as Crossover, and WineBottler, I have still been unable to get the Blackberry Theme Builder running on my Macbook Pro.


The 5.0 OS Compatible version of the Zelda Minish Cap Theme is not going anywhere soon.


If at least 15 people vote “yes” on this poll, I will reconsider constructing the theme on a PC.

That will show me that my efforts have not been for nothing.

*If you experience problems with voting, leave a comment below and I will get it fixed when I have the time.