February 1, 2010

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January 1, 2009

Welcome to our donation page!

Understanding that not everyone has the ability or knowledge to help us with writing articles, we greatly appreciate any monetary support you are willing to offer. If you enjoy this blog and wish to contribute, then please review our list of site upgrades below that will break the restrictions wordpress has placed on us, (such as having our own domain name, Custom CSS, and much more!)

All of every donation received, (excluding the Paypal Fees and Tax) will be used for furthering the progress of this website.

To donate, simply choose a feature below that you wish to help us get closer to implementing into BerryStorm.

Please note that there is no restriction on the minimum or maximum amount you wish to donate. Just give whatever amount your heart desires. 🙂

*Your donations cannot obviously be put into effect immediately. Give us a little time to purchase the new features and record your donation. Paypal takes a percentage of every donation received, meaning that in order to purchase the new upgrades, a larger contribution must be given than what is listed below.*


Donations are currently only accepted using PayPal.

Custom Blog Domain

removes the-   .wordpress.com   -from the end of our URL. This will make our website our own and give it that homy feel!!

Our Goal – $15.00 for one year.


Allows the upload of videos to BerryStorm. You will be able to view videos right from BerryStorm!

Our Goal – $60.00 for one year.

Custom CSS

This upgrade will allow more intense/in-depth customization to BerryStorm. Fonts, Background Styles, Color Schemes and more!

Our Goal – $15.00 for one year.

No Ads

Pretty self explanatory. This prevents wordpress.com from placing their ads in BerryStorm.

Our Goal – $30.00 for one year.

Space Upgrades

This provides BerryStorm authors with more room to store online media. (Photos, Videos, and Music.) The more room we have, the more intricate our posts can be. Purchasing this upgrade will also allow unlimited bandwidth and support for mp3 files.

5GB     Our Goal   –   $19.97 for one year.    

15GB                            $49.97 for one year.

25GB                           $89.97 for one year.

Unlimited Private Users

The current maximum amount of authors available for us to register is 35.

Even though we haven’t filled this restriction yet, it never hurts to make room for more authors.

Our Goal – $30.00 a year.