How To Set Up Blackberry Bluetooth/USB Tethering On A Macbook With Snow Leopard

July 8, 2010

I had always dreamed of having internet access on-the-go from the very first moment I got my Macbook Pro. There’s nothing cooler than browsing the web whenever and wherever you please. Even though most smartphones come equipped with a browser, the internet experience they provide can’t even compare to the experience you get when using a laptop. (screen size is impractical for satisfying internet browsing and flash and java support are still pretty lame).

Naturally, I looked into tethering support for my macbook. After doing a little research, I discovered that some carriers actually charge you to tether. (Like Verizon). Hypothetically speaking, tethering sounds great. So why do carriers need to charge you extra fees just for you to use your data package, (which you are already paying quite generously for), on another one of your devices?

Well, after doing a little more research, I found out that some applications, (Like Tether), can bypass the tethering gateway provided to devices other than your blackberry and redirect the tethering gateway to the default one you use on your Blackberry to browse the web, check Facebook stats, ect.

Simply put, no tethering fees.

However, the application Tether is not necessarily free in and of itself. When it is released from Beta, it will supposedly require a one time payment of $49.99 to use the software. I don’t know when their beta is going to expire, but I would check it out while I can if I were you!


So, onto the installation.

In order for Tether to work, it must be installed on both your Blackberry and the computer you are planning to tether with. Lets start with setting up tether for the Mac.

Download Tether for OSX Snow Leopard-

After the download finishes, open up the .dmg file and launch the installation file inside.

You will be prompted to install Tether.

It will then need to install some network interfaces so it can interact with your blackberry to get internet. After this and that, it will place the Tether application in your Applications folder on your mac.

Now onto installing Tether on the Blackberry!

Download Tether for Blackberry OTA-

Im pretty sure that this is a universal download, so it doesn’t matter what blackberry you have. It should recognize your device and give you the correct .jad file. (But just for reference, I used a Blackberry Storm 9530)

Just in case you don’t know what OTA stands for, It’s Over-The-Air, and it means you can install it directly from the Blackberry browser without needing to use the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Anyway, after it installs, you should be able to find it in your default download location.

Follow these next steps to get Tether working-

1. Open Tether on your Blackberry

2. Select your preferred connection type. (Either Bluetooth or USB) *see notes below if you selected USB*

3. Launch Tether on your Macbook.

4. Select the same preferred connection type you selected earlier. (obviously)

5. If you selected Bluetooth, you will need to find your device on the list of Bluetooth devices in the area.

5. Enjoy your internet freedom!!


If you selected USB, know that Tether does not and cannot work alongside the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Meaning that you will have to uninstall the Blackberry Desktop Manager if you want to use Tether through USB. Tether is currently working with RIM to try and resolve the issue, although no solution to the problem is expected soon.

If you selected Bluetooth, make sure to have bluetooth turned on for both the computer and the Blackberry.

Finally, Tether has to be running on both your Blackberry and your computer for the tethering to work.

Overall, Tether is an amazing application and was able to easily accomplish what I could not do even after reading thousands of tutorials on how to redirect the Blackberry tethering IP Gateway.

Definitely give this application a try.


How To Fix The Not-So-Silent, “Silent”, Profile Problem

November 4, 2009

You may have noticed before that when you set your phone profile to, “Silent”, “Vibrate Only”, or “Calls Only”, you still receive unwanted alerts.

This event can be devastating when you are supposed to be in a silent atmosphere! Such as a meeting, a wedding, or library.

But how could this happen? You set your blackberry to, Silent/Vibrate Only/ right?…

So what’s the problem?

Strangely enough, the fault doesn’t lie in the software, we are actually the ones to blame for this embarrassing occurrence! Your Blackberry is simply doing exactly what you told it to do.

If you look at the Custom Contact Alerts, found in the, “Sound Profile”, menu, you will probably see a list of your favorite contacts that you wanted to have a special ringtone for.

Heres where we do a little work-

Open a contact, and do the following for both the phone, and messages tab.

Make sure that the, “volume“, setting and the ,”Play Sound” setting is marked as, “Active Profile”.

This means that the volume will always be set to whatever your current profile is. If the profile is silent, the volume is silent, if it’s 7, the volume is 7.

Make sense?

This is why when you set the profile to, “silent”, your blackberry would ignore the command and still play those obnoxious sounds for your special contacts.

Go ahead and repeat the step above to EVERY ONE OF YOUR CONTACTS.

I would also suggest that you set the, “Vibrate”, setting to, “Current Profile”, too. Preventing the blackberry from vibrating unless your profile say’s it’s OK.

I hope this was helpful!

Comments and Questions can be left below-

How to Create a Backup File Via The Blackberry Desktop Manager

November 1, 2009

As simple as it is- there are still a lot of people who are completely clueless on how to make a backup file for your Blackberry device.

This tutorial will hopefully guide you through the easy process.

-Tutorial was written using the BDM 5.0.1 Service Pack

If you have a different version, some icon locations/names may vary.

The first thing you need to do, is open the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Next, connect your Blackberry to your computer using the USB to Micro USB cable that should have come with your device.

BDM Device Backup1

When your PIN# is shown in the bottom left hand corner, that means that your computer has successfully recognized your blackberry.

-From here on, follow the numbered instructions-

1. Click on the, “Backup and Restore” icon from the main menu.

You should now see three icons labeled, “Backup”, “Restore”, and “Advanced”.

2. Now click, “Backup”, and a new window should open, allowing you to select a location to save the backup file.

3. After you find a suitable place to store the file, select, “Save”.

4. Now, just wait until the BDM finishes the transfer.

If you followed these steps correctly, a message will appear saying,

“The backup file was successfully created.”

And you’re done!

How To Easily Speed Up Your Lagging Blackberry Storm

October 1, 2009

I discovered this last night, after messing with a few files on my blackberry, and after doing this, my blackberry was twice as fast as it used to be. No joke. So I just thought that I would share this lovely secret with all of my readers.

-In order to do this, you will NEED to download Filescout.

If you havent already, you have no idea what you are missing.

Download Filescout

This is the most simple, yet easily overlooked, way to decrease the lag time of your Blackberry Storm, Pearl, Tour, ect.

The speed of any mobile phone or computer is determined by the amount of RAM that is available to it. (RAM stands for Random Access Memory)

RAM is the amount of free memory that your device uses to run programs and access files. So then it’s fairly obvious that the more RAM you have, the faster your device will run.

The Blackberry Storm has 128MB of flash memory, but a lot of it being used by extra photo samples, videos, and ringtones that came pre-loaded from your carrier. So what we are going to do, is clear out some of these files to increase our RAM.

First of all, open Filescout.

Next, you should see three folders. Open the one entitled, “System”.

After this, open the Samples folder, which should be at top of the list.

Now we have access to all of the pre-loaded samples that I told you about earlier.


Use extreme caution when deleting these next files, as they cannot be restored.

First up, the Sample Contact Pictures.

If you are like me, you have never even thought about using any of these hideously ugly drawings as icons for your beloved ones.

To delete these, open the contacts folder and hilight a picture, then open the menu and press, “Delete”. I suggest you do this for all of the pictures.

Next. The Babylon AD video.

If you don’t delete this file, then just stop right here.

This video is so enormously huge, it’s like RIM wanted our blackberries to run in slo-motion or something.

I never like deleting anything. If I could, I would keep every file I have ever used.

But trust me, you wont be needing this Babylon AD video. So open the “Videos” folder and delete this using the same method as before.

Finally, the sample song.

Open the music folder, then delete the “World Traveler” song or whatever. That is, unless you listen to this all of the time; In which case you need some counseling.

Now, you’re  done! Congrats!

I would suggest that you leave the Folder Icon, MMS, picture, and Ringtone folders alone, as they are some of the more useful sample files.

If you deleted the Babylon AD movie, then you should see a significant increase in your blackberries’ speed.

Now, there’s one more thing that I need to clarify here. You may think that by inserting an 8GB SD card, there’s no reason to worry about deleting any of these small files. But you are wrong.

The only RAM that can be used by your Blackberry, is the internal memory. Thats why you’re blackberry doesn’t start running fast when you put in an SD card. Now this is important, whenever you store pictures, ringtones, or videos, be sure to save them on your SD CARD! Not the internal memory.

Keep the internal memory file-free and you’re blackberry will be running faster than it ever has before!

How To Add Imap Support To Your Gmail Account

August 24, 2009

I must say that I was very frustrated at both Google and RIM with the lack of support for gmail. The most common problem that I had was when I would send an email, it would send a copy of the sent email to my blackberry.

Why? I’m not even sure… The only guess I had was that my sent mail folder was somehow being synced to my blackberry along with the inbox.

Anyway – Changing my Gmail account to Imap fixed this problem and more.

If you’ve heard of Imap support and want it on Gmail, just follow the instructions below.

As you probably know… Imap isn’t currently supported on the blackberry, but you can enable it fairly easily.

Phase One

*Using a desktop computer is recommended*

1. Open your gmail account via browser and click on the Green Vial at the top of the page. (This opens the labs feature)

2. Navigate to the “Advanced IMAP Controls” lab feature and enable it.

3. Next, click on the “Settings” button at the top of the page.

4. Select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.

5. Scroll down and make sure that Imap is enabled and that “Auto Expunge” is set to “Immediately expunge messages when I mark them deleted in IMAP”.

6. Once this is done, save your changes and sign out of gmail.

Phase Two

*Harder than Phase One*

1. Open the email setup application on your blackberry.

2. Delete any gmail accounts you already have on your device.

3. Select “Add new account”.

4. Select the “Gmail” email server.

5. Now you have to trick your device into letting you set the options.

-Type in a false email address in the address field, such as…

*Important* The fake email address cannot end with a real server’s name, for example,,,, ect.

– Type in a random password.

– Click “Next”

– The blackberry should say that it is unable to setup the account, so now you can select “I will provide the settings” and click “Next”.

6. Select “This is my personal email account” and click “Next”.

7. Now select, “I will provide the settings to add this email account” and click “Next”.

8. Here’s the fun part.

– Under “Email Address”, type in your entire email address, including “”.

– Under “User Name” enter the first part of your email. (The part that comes before

– Under “Password” enter your Gmail account password.

– Finally, under the email server, type in “”

– Click “Next” and wait a few minutes.

9. If you followed the instructions correctly, it should now say “account setup confirmation” and you should receive an email shortly from the Activation Server with a final confirmation message.

10. Pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work and enjoy your Imap Gmail service!

*Note* After setting up your Gmail account, you may need to wait up to 20 minutes before you receive any messages.

How To Add A Theme To Your Blackberry

August 4, 2009

Adding themes to your blackberry gives it a personal taste and is usually refreshing. After all, who wants to just stick with the carrier theme?

To add a theme to you blackberry via desktop manager, you will first need the .alx and .cod files. Whenever you download a theme to your computer, it will usually come with these in a “zipped” file. Before you can use the .alx and .cod files, you need to get them out of the zipped file. Simply right click on the zipped file, and then click “Extract All…” Next you should see a window with instructions on how to unzip a file. Follow them and you should end up with a file containing both the .alx and .cod files.

If the files did not come zipped, make sure both the .alx and .cod files are together in the same folder before proceeding.

The next part is simple. Open the desktop manager. plug your blackberry into your computer and wait for the desktop manager to recognize the device. When it does, you will see your device’s pin number at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Next click on Application Loader from the desktop manager’s main menu, then click start under the “Add / Remove Applications” tab. The desktop manager will automatically scan you computer for newer versions of applications stored on your blackberry.

After it is done scanning, you should see a long list of applications that the desktop manager can either Install, Remove, or Upgrade. Chances are, the theme you want to install will not be on the list. You will have to locate it yourself.

Don’t worry, it isnt hard… Close to the bottom of the desktop manager window, you should see a “browse” button. Click it and use the window it opens to navigate to the folder you stored the .alx and the .cod files.

Next, open the folder. You should only see the .alx file. This is the one that we need, so go ahead and select the .alx file and click “Open”.

The desktop manager will check for device application updates. When it is finished, scroll down the list of applications to find the theme you wanted to add. If it is there, it should say either, “Install”, or “Upgrade” under the actions column.

You may also want to check to make sure that the desktop manager will only add the applications you have selected. Do this by double checking under the actions column and make sure the action it will take is desirable for that application.

*Do not fret if you see that the application “facebook” is set to “remove”. It is a small bug in the desktop manager and will not actually remove facebook from your system.*

Simple enough right?

Finally we click “Next”. You should see a small summery of the actions that the desktop manager is about to perform.

If you see that the actions are acceptable, click “Finish”.

The Desktop Manager should load the modules onto your device. If a software reset is required, the Desktop Manger will reset your device for you and install the programs you have selected after the device reboots.

*Do Not Disconnect Your Device Until All Of the Tasks Are Complete*

When it is is finished installing the programs you should see, “The loading operation was successful”. You may disconnect your device.

On your device, go to “Options” and scroll down to the bottom where you should see a “Theme” button. Click on it and choose the theme you want to set for your blackberry. Wait for it to change the current theme and then… Voila! Your theme is set.

Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

Any questions may be posted in “comments” below.