Blocked Traffic Free

Blocked Traffic is a blackberry version spin off of Unblock Me; a popular iPhone Application.

In this game, your mission is to move the various colored cars around the screen until the path from the red car to the opening on the right side of the screen is clear. When this happens, the red car will drive through the opening; allowing you to progress to the next level.

The free version of the app includes 12 levels, while the paid has 160 levels.

Gameplay is very nice, and the graphics give a sense that you are moving toy cars around in a small box.

The only other feature I can think of that would really add to the quality of the interface would be sound. (cars bumping into the walls and the other cars).

Although the free version is a must have game, the paid one is a little bit pricey… $2.99.

If the cost of an application rested on the developers, I’m sure that 50-70% of the apps in AppWorld would quickly jump from $2.99, to a measly 99 cents!

(RIM has placed the minimum app price at $2.99)

But Blocked Traffic is nonetheless one of best games you can find in AppWorld right now.

Change Logs-


Both the free version and the paid version can be downloaded from the Blackberry App World.


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