New Zelda Minish Cap Theme Beta Version Coming Soon! (OS 5.0 Compatibility Included)

Do you remember the Zelda Minish Cap Theme that I made a while ago?

Well, I have been working hard lately to make it compatible with the 5.0 OS, and I think that it’s almost ready to enter its beta stage!

In the last release, I had already tested the theme thoroughly before I started working on this blog, so there wasn’t a need for a beta-

I hope to add a lot of updates into the theme.

A few of these are;

Preloaded Optional Ringtone From ZREO!

Display Buttons Optimized For Visual Ease!

OS 5.0 Compatibility!

-Possibly- An Animated Background!

And Many More Bug Fixes/New Features!

*I’m currently waiting for The ZREO Team to respond to my message asking their permission to implement some music into the theme.

When that happens, you can expect a beta version of the theme to be available ASAP!*


(The ZREO Team has agreed to letting me use their re-orchestrated music)

But, sadly, I am unable to continue the Theme Production because of compatibility issues.

See post Here for more info.


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