Filescout Updated to Version

You must be thinking right about now,

“If only RIM had the determination of whoever keeps sending us these filescout versions, we would have flash support in all blackberry browsers within the month!”

It’s true; Filescout has been updated again – this time to version


So what’s new?

Heres a change log from the emacberry website;

FileScout Changelog Details

  • Display of thumbnails in search result (if thumbnail display is enabled and images are in the ‘FileScout Image Cache’)
  • Thumbnail-Options: New Button to generate all all thumbnails for all images on your device (incl. the SDCard) – this operation can take a while till it’s completed – please be patient!
  • When resizing images to device resolution size you can now select to keep the aspect ratio of the original image. If this option is selected, then FileScout will cut (left & right or top & bottom) of the image so that it will fit to your device screen resolution.
  • UserDefined resolution (image resizing) can be now be max 9999 pixel [but it’s recommended not use more then 1200px] <!–
  • AutoUpdate check each 7 days for a new Version of FileScout (can be turned off in General-Options) –>
  • Support for DesktopManager Backup & Restore (FileScout settings)
  • A ‘[W]’ in the Screen Title indicating that the background threads (required for Search and other extended features) are still running (after FileScout is started) – once the threads are completed the ‘[W]’ will disappear.
  • Integration in the RIMs FileExplorer Application: a ‘Explore with FileScout’ MenuItem is added

What’s fixed?

  • Search files in the current Directory only function fixed to be usable multiple times
  • Potential OutOfMemeory Error during start of FileScout (when the thumbnail store is getting too large)
  • Accessing OS5 System Folder for Bold, Bold2, Storm and Storm2

For all of you who are waiting to get a “fix” for the System folder on the Bold, Bold2, Storm and Strom2 on OS5.

  • RIM confirmed that they made the System folder in OS5.x read only
  • FileScout (and all other 3’rd party applications) can only show the content of the System folder but can’t modify anything

The developer had recently attended a blackberry developer’s conference in San Francisco and, apparently, this update is thanks to all of the feedback he received from people there.

But out of all these new features, there is also some very bad news that’s bundled in the version review…

Many of you have noticed that the system folder has become inaccessible from filescout since updating to the OS Version 5.0.


The developer partially fixed this issue, but while you can now view the system files, you cannot edit them anymore.

He says he contacted RIM about this issue and they responded that this function was intentional and cannot be worked around…


I suppose this was for protection?

Nonetheless, I never support giving electronics, “final decision”, like power – no matter how small the decision may be.

Okay, on to the download info.

You can get it OTA from Emacberry’s website Here.
And don’t forget to donate if you like the app!


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