Blackberry News Recession – Cause found for lack of recent posts! (Yay)

I know many of you have noticed a lack of articles on BerryStorm lately.

Im sincerely sorry…

I suppose you can say we are in a, “Blackberry News Recession”, of sorts.

With the OS Version 5.0 released, the tingly excitement of something greater to come has long since faded, and most of us have returned to our regular everyday lives.

What’s worse is that a lot of Blackberry Storm users have lost interest in future blackberry developments as an adverse reaction to their new software update. (I’m guilty of this)

But in reality, there are quite a few interesting things happening in the blackberry development category, some of which I hope to cover with more detail later in the week.

Here are a few of those topics:

– BIS update coming soon? (Rumor)

~2 Way Google calendar and Gmail sync included.

– BIS blackout last night.

~Strange loss of internet coverage across North America last night (Nov. 16).

-Verizon/At&t Lawsuit moves from “Productive debate to full-fledged battle! (Im loving it too)

~At&t tries suing Verizon for, “Misleading Information” on the new, “There’s a map for that!”, commercials – stating that Verizon is confusing future At&t customers as to whether service is available in specific locations. Verizon rebuts harshly, “ The truth hurts doesn’t it?”.*

*Slightly paraphrasing*


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