Themes Now Available For Purchase In The Blackberry App World?

I’m not sure when this started, but it seems like the Blackberry App World is now offering support for themes… Sort of-



If you do an App World search for, “Theme”, you should see a couple of livescreens by a vendor named, Dream Theme.

Apparently, a Livescreen is a full replacement for a theme that allows icon customization, animated backgrounds, and ringtones. So technically, the Blackberry App World doesn’t allow Zen designed themes yet- but instead, these livescreens that act more like an application than anything.

That means that all of you theme developers will have to wait just a while longer before you can sell themes on the Blackberry App World, unless you convert it to an app?…


One more thing-

It’s not official yet, but it makes sense that in an effort to restrict millions of crappy wannabe-themes from getting submitted for approval, RIM will require a weighty sum of cash to host the theme on the Blackberry App World.

I see why RIM would see the benefit in this, but there’s only one problem…

By making developers pay for a spot in the App World, they will destroy the idea of having any, “Free”, themes available for download.

Think about it-

Who in their right mind would make a theme they have worked hard on available for free, when they have got to pay RIM just to host it on the Blackberry App World?

When organizations like RIM or Apple limit/restrict developers from setting custom prices on their own products, third party app stores like Mobihand and the Crackberry App Store tend to become the preferable source to buy and sell products. (For both developers and Consumers)


Fewer Restrictions On Price And Product Requirements = Developers Striving To Make Their Product Better And Cheaper Then Their Rival’s Product.


Which Yields Better Products At Lower Prices, Making Us, (The Consumers), Happier!

There is your Basic Economics lesson of the day.

Now go and do something radical!


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