Google Maps Updated Yet Again- Version 3.2.1

Google Maps

-Version 3.21-

Google Maps has received another update, but this time, there isn’t an official change log to go with it.

Thus, we can assume that this new version, “3.2.1”, doesn’t bring any new features with it except a few minor bug fixes.

I know, you were probably hoping for something like live updated satellite view…


But there is one positive feature that seems noteworthy;

When using the last release, (Version 3.2.0), the application had difficulty finding my location in a reasonable amount of time. Now, my location is pinpointed within the first four seconds after starting up!


If anyone else suffered this problem too, you should upgrade when you get the chance.


Visit This Link and then select, “Google Maps”, to download it OTA.


In case you missed the last update, or just want to take a glance at the 3.2.0 features, visit my previous post Here.


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