Blog Stats: Over 5,000 Views!!!

This really snuck up on me…

Berry Storm has reached over 5,000 views!

And Im so thankful for all of my readers! If you are a daily reader…

Keep up the good work, and Ill try to keep delivering the latest on Blackberry Storm news. Im looking forward to the next milestone in our blog;

10,000 veiws!

It still amazes me how suddenly our daily view count jumped from 20-30 views a day, to 350-400 views a day! Not sure what we did, but you guys seemed to have liked it!

Thanks again for choosing us to be your source for the latest news on everything Blackberry Storm!


2 Responses to Blog Stats: Over 5,000 Views!!!

  1. xadrian says:

    Just added to my reader today. Was looking up 5.0 video playback information and this came up. After reading a few posts, it’s instantly my favorite. Keep up the good work.

    • Justin Boyd says:

      Thank You!
      By the way, I went to your blog,”Life In Austin“, and I must say that I am very impressed with your writing capabilities!

      After seeing the time and effort that you put into each of your articles, your comment on Berry Storm meant so much more to me!

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