How To Fix The Not-So-Silent, “Silent”, Profile Problem

You may have noticed before that when you set your phone profile to, “Silent”, “Vibrate Only”, or “Calls Only”, you still receive unwanted alerts.

This event can be devastating when you are supposed to be in a silent atmosphere! Such as a meeting, a wedding, or library.

But how could this happen? You set your blackberry to, Silent/Vibrate Only/ right?…

So what’s the problem?

Strangely enough, the fault doesn’t lie in the software, we are actually the ones to blame for this embarrassing occurrence! Your Blackberry is simply doing exactly what you told it to do.

If you look at the Custom Contact Alerts, found in the, “Sound Profile”, menu, you will probably see a list of your favorite contacts that you wanted to have a special ringtone for.

Heres where we do a little work-

Open a contact, and do the following for both the phone, and messages tab.

Make sure that the, “volume“, setting and the ,”Play Sound” setting is marked as, “Active Profile”.

This means that the volume will always be set to whatever your current profile is. If the profile is silent, the volume is silent, if it’s 7, the volume is 7.

Make sense?

This is why when you set the profile to, “silent”, your blackberry would ignore the command and still play those obnoxious sounds for your special contacts.

Go ahead and repeat the step above to EVERY ONE OF YOUR CONTACTS.

I would also suggest that you set the, “Vibrate”, setting to, “Current Profile”, too. Preventing the blackberry from vibrating unless your profile say’s it’s OK.

I hope this was helpful!

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