Quickpull Application Was Updated to Version 3.5.4 (Still No OS 5.0 Compatibility)

Quickpull, the device-reset application has been updated to version 3.5.4.

It appears as though this upgrade gives you access to premium features for free; meaning that you can now schedule device resets when the available memory drops below a preset value and use the new interface designed for Quickpull Pro users!

Quickpull 3. (2)

You may be wondering why Quickpull would allow everyone to access the Premium version of the application?


The Paid Version of the application wasn’t bringing in enough moolah. So, naturally, they just added advertisements to the new interface and allowed everyone to download the new update for free!

Apparently then, they figured out that making a free version with advertisements was, overall, more profitable. Kind of interesting…

Anyway, the new version has incorporated the boxed scrolling method when setting a schedule for the device reboots.

(Like the scrolling found in the Calendar)

And also gives a nice 5 second warning message when it’s about to reboot.

(During which you can press the escape key to abort the reset)

Only one problem… Where is the OS 5.0 Compatibility!?!

I have tried setting permission after permission, but so far It doesn’t seem to be able to reset my Blackberry when running the OS 5.0…

If anyone finds a QuickFix to this issue, be sure to leave a comment below.

Download OTA Here.

Or, just download it from the Blackberry App World.


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