How to Create a Backup File Via The Blackberry Desktop Manager

As simple as it is- there are still a lot of people who are completely clueless on how to make a backup file for your Blackberry device.

This tutorial will hopefully guide you through the easy process.

-Tutorial was written using the BDM 5.0.1 Service Pack

If you have a different version, some icon locations/names may vary.

The first thing you need to do, is open the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Next, connect your Blackberry to your computer using the USB to Micro USB cable that should have come with your device.

BDM Device Backup1

When your PIN# is shown in the bottom left hand corner, that means that your computer has successfully recognized your blackberry.

-From here on, follow the numbered instructions-

1. Click on the, “Backup and Restore” icon from the main menu.

You should now see three icons labeled, “Backup”, “Restore”, and “Advanced”.

2. Now click, “Backup”, and a new window should open, allowing you to select a location to save the backup file.

3. After you find a suitable place to store the file, select, “Save”.

4. Now, just wait until the BDM finishes the transfer.

If you followed these steps correctly, a message will appear saying,

“The backup file was successfully created.”

And you’re done!


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