Pandora Radio Application Updated to Version 1.1.2 (Fixes OS 5.0 Problems)

Many people have been noticing lately that their new OS 5.0 destroyed the compatibility of Pandora or their device. (Me included)

For some reason, when streaming music, it stops playing at 20 seconds…

Pandora Radio

So Pandora has rolled out a nice little update to fix these issues.

It doesn’t look like they have added any new features yet though- You would think they would have by now. Even something simple, like having the ability to delete a radio station after creating it.

Version 1.1.2 has been submitted to the Blackberry App World, but it may not have been accepted yet- So you will need to download it at using your blackberry browser.


12 Responses to Pandora Radio Application Updated to Version 1.1.2 (Fixes OS 5.0 Problems)

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