What Do We Do Now?… (Urgent)

Berry Storm has come to a very important part of it’s life…

In order to bring you the most thorough and top-quality articles that we possibly can, we have past since limited our device coverage to only the Blackberry Storm; giving us more time for each post we write. But with the new Blackberry Storm 2 released, we have a critical decision to make.

Blackberry Storm Home Screen


Should we continue with our exclusiveness to the Original Blackberry Storm? Or should we open it up to the Blackberry Storm 2?

You might not think that such a decision would mean so much, but if we did decide to begin covering of the Storm 2, our weekly post count would need to almost double in size…

We would have to cover applications individually, based on their compatibility with each Storm device,

Write separate reviews for the all of the latest news,

And of course, we would need to supply our readers with a constant supply of OS versions, (leaked and official).

-It’s a lot of work for a blog that doesn’t have any income…

Finally, It’s been our practice to try and test applications out for ourselves before writing reviews about them; that way we don’t have to rely on anything but our own experiences to support the validity of our posts. Since we don’t have a Blackberry Storm 2 to use, (and don’t plan on buying one for a while), this would be impossible for any Storm 2 software and applications.

*Note* This would be an excellent time for someone who owns a Blackberry Storm 2 to step up to the plate and commit to becoming part of the team.

Anyway, we have decided to ask our readers for their input.

Please leave a quick comment below telling us how you feel about the whole situation. (Email Address Is Not Required)

We plan to make our final decision before the end of November.


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