Verizon Representative Confirms 5.0 OS Version For Original Storm Along With Storm 2

I hate being left out of the “inner” circle, and I don’t like having to guess or assume anything. Especially when it comes to important matters, such as the new 5.0 OS Version.

So will Verizon decide to give us a backwards OS 5.0 release to the original Storm when they bring out the new Blackberry Storm 2? Will it work differently than the Storm 2 Version? What is included? What isn’t?


These are all things I would like confirmation on- which thankfully, we now have.

An article over at Phone Arena News, says that a verizon Representative has confirmed that the original Blackberry Storm will indeed receive the 5.0 OS that the new Storm 2 will come with. – See Below

According to a Verizon rep, a firmware upgrade will make the Storm and the Storm2 practically identical when it comes to software. In other words, things like flick scrolling, tabbed browsing and threaded texting will all be enabled on the original unit. The rep confirmed that the only difference between the two handsets will be hardware related items, like a Wi-Fi radio, slightly sleeker design and plastic buttons.

What a relief! I must be honest… I was afraid I would have to live off of the Leaked 5.0 OS Versions until I could afford to buy a Blackberry Storm 2. But now that it’s clear that the only difference between the two are hardware issues, Im not sure I would even consider buying the new Storm 2.


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