Opera Mini 5 Beta

Its been a long time since we saw any progress being made in the Opera Mini application. Now, Finally, they have released a Beta version for us to try. Maybe all of the talk about the new Skyfire browser and RIM wanting to update their blackberry browser has gotten Opera thinking about upping their game.

After playing with the new Opera Beta, all I can say is, well done.


The application has experienced phenomenal changes. I never would have guessed that it was Opera Mini.


So, lets dive right into it shall we?

Opera Mini Loading

As soon as I saw the loading page, I knew that the interface of this application would be incredible.

Once loaded, you will see the home screen which consists of a search box in the top right-hand corner, speed dial icons, (beautifully displayed), and a control bar across the bottom of the screen.

To add and remove icons from speed dial, all you have to do is briefly hi-light a box, and then edit it using the drop down menu.

Pages load quickly, and easily, though there are a few websites that are currently unavailable when using the beta, such as facebook and tagged.

Opera Mini Browsing

The scrolling is strange. I think they were trying to implement flick scrolling into the app, but its very rugged and jumpy. In previous versions, they allowed you to touch the scrolling bar on the right and drag it to the section of the page you want to view. For some strange reason they left that feature out in the new opera mini 5.

Another feature that is currently unavailable is the ability to download files. Hopefully, the reason it wasn’t included in the beta is because they are working on a new download manager.

* Updated* – The Opera Mini Beta 2 now has support for downloading multiple files at once! (See Change Log Below)

But, when you look past everything that needs to be done, you will see an application with great functionality, a stylish interface, and a chance to become the most powerful blackberry browser in history.

Opera Mini OptionsOpera Mini tab

As great as this sounds, I have only mentioned a few of its pros/cons.

To experience Opera Mini 5 for yourself, visit the link below and start browsing!

Change Logs-

Beta 2

Download it OTA Here.


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