Verizon Drops Price of The Storm To $49.99

Well, If price was ever an issue that was keeping you from getting the storm, now’s your time to buy people!

When you purchase one storm with a 2 year contract, the price is only $49.99, not to mention you can also get another one for free with Verizon’s buy one get one free offer!

This Is Crazy!

Don’t belive me? Check it out Here.

When the price is dropped this low, it can only mean one thing…

The Blackberry Storm 2 (Odin) Is on it’s way to Verizon Stores. Although it was originally scheduled to be released sometime in late October, It could be here sooner than we had expected.

Pricing for: Month to Month 1-yr Contract 2-yr Contract
2-yr Contract Price $149.99
Online Discount -100.00
Your Price $49.99

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