Mango App Updated to 4.5 Today

Mango, the anime/manga reader has received a much needed update to version 4.5.

The new features include;

Enhancement: Mango now has support for three different connection methods. Users not in the United States or without APN settings who were previously getting errors while connecting should be able to connect by using the WAP2 Gateway method. To get to this screen, select Yes to launch offline mode when the connection fails, and then open the Settings menu. There is also a fourth option, manual, for those who know what they’re doing and want to try setting specific APN settings (or if contact me for help, I’ll tell you what to type in there).

Enhancement: Mango is no longer restricted to launching in landscape mode. If you open Mango in portrait mode, there is a new background featuring loli-tsundere Louise from Zero no Tsukaima (woot!).

Enhancement: On the Storm, if you double tap the screen to zoom in, Mango will center the image on the point where you tapped the screen. On trackball phones, the Toggle Zoom menu item will center the image on whatever is in the middle of the screen before you zoom in.

Enhancement: There’s a new Random Manga item in the Series List. This will do exactly what you think: it opens up a random manga for you to start reading.

Enhancement: The startup screen messages have been changed to be more concise as well as more informative at the same time.

Enhancement (trackball builds only): There are new keyboard shortcuts in the pageviewer. They are mostly guessable. N is next page, P is previous page, B is bookmark, Z is zoom, J is jump-to-page, C is chapter list, D is manga details, and L is bookmarks list. Press Enter to advance to the next page. Menu items with shortcuts have the shortcut letter underlined.

Enhancement: Mango will now preload the next two pages instead of just the next one. Also, Mango will keep up to four pages in memory at the same time instead of three.

Bug fix: Mango will no longer sometimes scroll back to the top of the page when you’re in the middle of reading it.

Bug fix: Mango will no longer sometimes fail to scroll to the top-right corner of the image when you switch pages.

Bug fix: Jump-to-page is now closable with the escape key.

Bug fix: The Storm version of Mango should no longer crash when there are leftover bookmarks from the Mango beta.

Bug fix: Pressing the escape key while Mango is downloading a page will correctly stop the download.

Other: Synchronized the codebase of the three different Mango versions, inconsistencies between the different versions are gone.

Other: Several other small modifications and improvements to the code driving the pageviewer.

You can download it OTA Here,

Check out Leetsoft’s website Here,

Or instead, visit OneManga’s homepage Here.

Read a product review from my previous post Here.


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