Leaked Blackberry OS – Version

There has been another leaked OS version for the Blackberry Storm!

Since there still isn’t a lot of info about this release, I suggest you update with caution.

From what I have heard though, the browser is supposed to be gloriously faster and SMS is now threaded, meaning that all SMS conversations between a contact and you get linked together so you can see their previous messages to you.

There was a leaked version before this that also was said to contain tabbed browsing, but it has been removed in this update. Hopefully, when we get an official update, we will see all of these features working together harmoniously.

*Warning* This release, as with all leaked releases, is definitely not guaranteed to work properly and can really mess up your system if you don’t know what you’re doing. I cannot be held responsible in any way for any problems that might come from downloading this software, and I highly recommend making several backups of your current software via the desktop manager before attempting any OS changes.

-For information on how to create a backup file, see our step-by-step tutorial Here.

Version is available for download via the links below.


Download Here


Download Here


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