Poynt Officially Updated To Version


I was part of the beta program for this application before it’s press release, and I have gotta say that this final release is a huge improvement from previous versions.

During the beta, everything was running very slowly, and the scrolling was way off. But they seem to have fixed these problems with the update and have also added some major improvements to the overall functionality!

Let’s look at some of it’s new features.

First, we’ll cover what is the most dramatized feature in this application; Open Table Integration. For those of you who don’t know what Open Table is, it is basically an app that searches for nearby restaurants and allows you to make reservations right from your blackberry. Well, even though you get the nice search engine and restaurant info from Open Table… You are missing out on the reservation feature, which is basically it’s most useful one.

Next, you will notice that, along with the added “Restaurants” button, comes the “Map It!” button as well. You can use the map it feature to open the navigational services of Poynt. The map it feature works almost exactly like the blackberry maps feature that comes installed on blackberry devices, but is missing a few core components that keep it from becoming your main navigational source. To start, you can’t save your favorite locations directly from the map it feature, you have to search for that location via the restaurant or business search first… and then save the listing result. Even after you save the location to your favorites, the map it feature lacks the support to draw a route from your gps location to a saved location… I contacted Poynt about this issue, and found that the reason they cannot add this functionality is because of an internal bug in RIM’s system. But that bug will very likely be addressed in the OS 5.0 Update. Other than that though, the map it feature works okay and is maybe even useful.

Now comes the “movies” section. Along with the “Top Ten”, there used to be a “Featured” section here, but I believe that it was removed due to the lack of people wanting to advertise their movies on Poynt. The “movies” feature of poynt is where their greatest success is. From here, you are able to find movies near you, theaters near you, and search movies by top ten, title, and genre. Along with the ratings and commentaries from hundreds of new movies, you can also stream low, medium, and high quality trailers right from your blackberry. What’s even better is that when you find a desirable movie, you can check where it is playing, along with the time and price of tickets.

There is NO free navigational application out there right now better than Poynt. Period. I may even venture to say it is the most powerful and useful application EVER on the blackberry!

To download it, head on over to Poynt’s Mobile Download Page Here,

Or if you’re willing to wait until after the Blackberry App World approves it, download it there.


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