How To Add Imap Support To Your Gmail Account

I must say that I was very frustrated at both Google and RIM with the lack of support for gmail. The most common problem that I had was when I would send an email, it would send a copy of the sent email to my blackberry.

Why? I’m not even sure… The only guess I had was that my sent mail folder was somehow being synced to my blackberry along with the inbox.

Anyway – Changing my Gmail account to Imap fixed this problem and more.

If you’ve heard of Imap support and want it on Gmail, just follow the instructions below.

As you probably know… Imap isn’t currently supported on the blackberry, but you can enable it fairly easily.

Phase One

*Using a desktop computer is recommended*

1. Open your gmail account via browser and click on the Green Vial at the top of the page. (This opens the labs feature)

2. Navigate to the “Advanced IMAP Controls” lab feature and enable it.

3. Next, click on the “Settings” button at the top of the page.

4. Select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.

5. Scroll down and make sure that Imap is enabled and that “Auto Expunge” is set to “Immediately expunge messages when I mark them deleted in IMAP”.

6. Once this is done, save your changes and sign out of gmail.

Phase Two

*Harder than Phase One*

1. Open the email setup application on your blackberry.

2. Delete any gmail accounts you already have on your device.

3. Select “Add new account”.

4. Select the “Gmail” email server.

5. Now you have to trick your device into letting you set the options.

-Type in a false email address in the address field, such as…

*Important* The fake email address cannot end with a real server’s name, for example,,,, ect.

– Type in a random password.

– Click “Next”

– The blackberry should say that it is unable to setup the account, so now you can select “I will provide the settings” and click “Next”.

6. Select “This is my personal email account” and click “Next”.

7. Now select, “I will provide the settings to add this email account” and click “Next”.

8. Here’s the fun part.

– Under “Email Address”, type in your entire email address, including “”.

– Under “User Name” enter the first part of your email. (The part that comes before

– Under “Password” enter your Gmail account password.

– Finally, under the email server, type in “”

– Click “Next” and wait a few minutes.

9. If you followed the instructions correctly, it should now say “account setup confirmation” and you should receive an email shortly from the Activation Server with a final confirmation message.

10. Pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work and enjoy your Imap Gmail service!

*Note* After setting up your Gmail account, you may need to wait up to 20 minutes before you receive any messages.


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