Xtreme Labs Produce Two Very Useful Applications

Xtreme labs logo

Xtreme Labs is an intense group of developers that can make some pretty great software for you. They have also created two demonstration applications on the blackberry for you to try out, and they aren’t too shabby either!

The first is named Speed Test.  It downloads packages from a server, and then uploads packages from your blackberry, all the while keeping track of your download/upload speed. It’s innovative and very useful.

I would give it a try if I were you. Download it OTA Here.

The second is my favorite, the Level. As the name implies, it is indeed a level for the blackberry storm. But the question is… Is it accurate?

Most of the time, yes, it is. The accuracy can even be checked further because it includes two levels. One for the horizontal view, and one for the vertical.

There is only one major downfall to this app… When you try to lay the Storm on a flat surface to check the angle, the side buttons end up getting in the way, throwing off the accuracy. So really the only way to measure the tilt of a surface is to set the storm upright and use the top level.

Anyway – still a great app.

The Current Versions are:

Level – 0.1.83

SpeedTest – 0.1.86

Download it OTA Here,

Or through the Desktop Manager Here.


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