Odin – Blackberry Storm 2

Some pictures have surfaced revealing more about the Blackberry Storm 2.

blackberry storm 2

blackberry storm 2 aka BlackBerry Oden


It looks pretty awesome to me! From what I can see in the pictures the four buttons along the bottom of the screen are no longer individual, “Buttons”. They seem to have become a part of the touch screen in a way.

The battery door has been changed so that it has better integration with the storm. The device itself has also become slimmer. (you know we all wanted that)

Some websites are supposing that the side buttons have become rubber. This would be a nice improvement as the device would not be able to slip out of your hand as easily.

Other websites have said that it will likely have more than one button under the screen surface. (resulting in a more accurate detection of screen clicks)

But out of all these new features, I think the heavy hitter is that it will contain wi-fi support.

If you are looking forward to the release of the Storm 2, I would venture to guess it will be ready for Verizon around September.

For more info about these pics, visit This Link.


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