Info On The Blackberry Storm OS

More information has been released about the blackberry 5.0 OS update.

And look at all these new features!

-Transitions have been updated to make sure they never fail

-Applications settings aren’t listed under the advanced options folder anymore.

-OS update makes the system work much faster

-Theme bugs fixed

-You can now change the Theme Options

-When device resets, the reboot screen is different.

-Zoom function for video camera.

-When you navigate to the application settings, the icon is now shown beside the application name.

-New Transition Style

-Cut, Copy, and Paste button is larger.

-New settings for the browser.

-Tabbed Browsing.

-Options now show the music center icon.

– Radio signal is much stronger

-No lag when typing

-Updated version of blackberry maps

-Updated media player

-New fonts

When you look at that long list of updates, doesn’t it just make you tingly?

This isn’t even the official release!

I have already made a previous post on where to find the leaked version if you dare… Check the link below.

Click here for Leaked 5.0 Info and Download


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