How To Add A Theme To Your Blackberry

Adding themes to your blackberry gives it a personal taste and is usually refreshing. After all, who wants to just stick with the carrier theme?

To add a theme to you blackberry via desktop manager, you will first need the .alx and .cod files. Whenever you download a theme to your computer, it will usually come with these in a “zipped” file. Before you can use the .alx and .cod files, you need to get them out of the zipped file. Simply right click on the zipped file, and then click “Extract All…” Next you should see a window with instructions on how to unzip a file. Follow them and you should end up with a file containing both the .alx and .cod files.

If the files did not come zipped, make sure both the .alx and .cod files are together in the same folder before proceeding.

The next part is simple. Open the desktop manager. plug your blackberry into your computer and wait for the desktop manager to recognize the device. When it does, you will see your device’s pin number at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Next click on Application Loader from the desktop manager’s main menu, then click start under the “Add / Remove Applications” tab. The desktop manager will automatically scan you computer for newer versions of applications stored on your blackberry.

After it is done scanning, you should see a long list of applications that the desktop manager can either Install, Remove, or Upgrade. Chances are, the theme you want to install will not be on the list. You will have to locate it yourself.

Don’t worry, it isnt hard… Close to the bottom of the desktop manager window, you should see a “browse” button. Click it and use the window it opens to navigate to the folder you stored the .alx and the .cod files.

Next, open the folder. You should only see the .alx file. This is the one that we need, so go ahead and select the .alx file and click “Open”.

The desktop manager will check for device application updates. When it is finished, scroll down the list of applications to find the theme you wanted to add. If it is there, it should say either, “Install”, or “Upgrade” under the actions column.

You may also want to check to make sure that the desktop manager will only add the applications you have selected. Do this by double checking under the actions column and make sure the action it will take is desirable for that application.

*Do not fret if you see that the application “facebook” is set to “remove”. It is a small bug in the desktop manager and will not actually remove facebook from your system.*

Simple enough right?

Finally we click “Next”. You should see a small summery of the actions that the desktop manager is about to perform.

If you see that the actions are acceptable, click “Finish”.

The Desktop Manager should load the modules onto your device. If a software reset is required, the Desktop Manger will reset your device for you and install the programs you have selected after the device reboots.

*Do Not Disconnect Your Device Until All Of the Tasks Are Complete*

When it is is finished installing the programs you should see, “The loading operation was successful”. You may disconnect your device.

On your device, go to “Options” and scroll down to the bottom where you should see a “Theme” button. Click on it and choose the theme you want to set for your blackberry. Wait for it to change the current theme and then… Voila! Your theme is set.

Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

Any questions may be posted in “comments” below.


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