Google Voice apps rejected by Apple

In you don’t know what google voice is, you should check out this link:

Google Voice

Google Voice

Basically, to add to their mobile applications, google has created a revolutionary way to receive and place calls. When you sign up for google voice (currently by invite only*), a unique google voice number is given to you and when someone calls that number, you can decide which of your phones it rings. Also included in google voice is a call blocker, free sms texting, voicemail to text, and call recording.

I think what the real reason for apple’s rejection was a very strong urge from At&t. Even though At&t said they have no part in accepting or refusing developer’s apps, there’s a very good chance that they are involved here. as you know, things such as visual voicemail’s and texting are a major way that At&t rakes in their dough.

Now, not only is google voice restricted for use on iPhone, but all third party developers that put money, effort, and time into making google voice apps are being forced to REFUND all of their customers using their own money! What’s going on Apple? I’m sure this isn’t the last we will hear of it.

Just another reason to be thankful you have the storm.

*If you would like to know more about getting google voice on your storm, just post a comment saying so.


3 Responses to Google Voice apps rejected by Apple

  1. Thank you mike. I mean I am a college student right here in China
    to visit my relatives for any month and of course….I had been sad that
    FB doesn’t perform here, but GET OVER IT. It really is just a networking internet site; and should you can’t network offline,
    you’re in for some severe trouble in reality. People, it really is CHINA… get your asses outside and do something, due to the fact frankly, everybody else is.

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  3. Leila says:

    What are the cash for, how do you utilize them.

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