Viigo is the undoubtedly the best RSS reader application for the blackberry.

It will let you stay up to date on all of your subscribed feeds, listen to podcasts, check the weather, view airline flight schedules, and even see live scores from your favorite sports teams, all the while keeping the info stored neatly in one amazing application.

(See The Video Below For More Info)

There are a few things that I recommend you do upon downloading this application.

*Note* Viigo will automatically check for RSS updates during the prescheduled time of day. If you enjoy Viigo doing this, then skip the following step as it will restrict Viigo from being able to automatically update Articles.

(Though personally, I have found that my blackberry goes into a huge lag when Viigo updates articles, so I prefer to only have them updated when I launch the application.)

First, under the “Options” menu, open the application settings and select “No” under, “move to background on close”. This will simply tell the application not to stay running in the background after you close it.

Trust me, when Viigo stays open in the background, it slows down your blackberry like you wouldn’t believe.

Next, open the “Article Settings” and choose “1000” under the Maximum Articles list. Without it, Viigo will start to automatically delete your old articles that you may want to keep for longer.

Finally, still in the “Article Settings” menu, select “No” under the automatic update option.

(This will keep your blackberry running fast without lag times.)

There are many more features of Viigo that I can’t write about, for lack of time, but a few quick ones are, PageOnce Application Support, Twitter Support, and businesses/financial stocks.

Social Networks

Business & Finance


Oh Yeah! One more thing… Please be sure to subscribe to our blog by pasting this URL into the “Add Your Own RSS Channel” Page- feed://

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To experience Viigo for yourself, visit their OTA download page Here,

Or you can get it alternately from the Blackberry App World.


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