Blackberry App World

App World

The Blackberry App world, (an app store owned by RIM), is a great source for finding and downloading great applications.

Although there are other app stores like Mobihand that offer cheaper prices, the largest selection of applications can be found on the Blackberry App World.

Some of it’s features include-

Sort Your Searches

Search and find exactly the apps you want. Look for “free” or “paid” apps, or search by category: music, games, weather and other apps. Sort your results by most popular, newest, highest rated and more.

Archive Your Apps

Load even more of your favorite apps onto your microSD card – ensuring that no matter where you go, or even if you change BlackBerry smartphones, all your applications come with you.

Memory Indicator

Always know exactly how much memory you have with the new memory status bar. When you’ve exceeded your memory, a message will appear guiding you on how to free up more space.

The Blackberry App World now hosts Themes as well as Applications, allowing for a greater customization of your blackberry interface.

There’s no doubt that this application is absolutely necessary for all blackberry users.

The Blackberry App World opens the door to an unlimited source of creativity, productivity, and fun!

Change Logs-

Download it OTA Here-

Or, if you already have the app, update it from the Blackberry App World.


3 Responses to Blackberry App World

  1. jessica says:

    i have downloaded this application but i cannot find it on my d i locate it

  2. Justin Boyd says:

    During you receive in any error messages during the installation through the browser?

  3. Justin Boyd says:

    If worst comes to worst, you can install it through the desktop software and then sync it to your phone.

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